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I hired Julie Murphy at to plan a destination wedding at Storybook Barn in Sough Carolina, she was fired fired the venue and never returned our deposit. She has done this same scam with at least 3 other brides AND I found out that all her pictures on her website are ALL bogus!!

She also tried to double charge for vendors...who no idea who she was!!

She has since taken down her website due to legal issues but she is in the Charleston SC area scamming someone...BEWARE!! The pictures on her wed site that she claines to have designed or purchase were stolen!!!

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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ulie is a scam artist. DO NOT hire her to be your wedding planner.

She approached us with talk of "couture linens" and "preferred vendors" and got us to sign a contract with her. She arranged 2 vendor meetings, and then did nothing else. She wanted the full balance of the money 6 months before the wedding and then it became harder and harder to contact her - and she did little else to help plan the wedding. She refused to refund any of the money.

And then she left town! If you look her up you can see she had wedding planning "boutiques" in multiple states, including TN, KY, and SC and she seems to skip around once she has conned brides out of their money.

to Anonymous #941040

She was also found ripping off brides in Mexico and LA. She is going straight to *** and that is where she's belongs.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #697940

Did she tell you that she was also country singer, Jamie O'Neal's mother?

Oh..and I'm sure she talked about her couture linens.....what a joke.

to DonnieB Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, United States #879861

Yes, she is also scamming in Vegas and Mexico. I get regular replies of her criminal behavior. Why is this woman not in jail?!!

Destin, Florida, United States #693070

Her daughter is horrible too. Karma is a ***.

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